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A single dose of vaccine will eliminate the disease of HIV, scientists have discovered a cure

Scientists in Israel have developed a vaccine against HIV AIDS, which can be used to treat the disease with a single shot.

There is no cure yet for HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS. But now researchers from Tel Aviv University of Israel have claimed that they have developed a vaccine for the treatment of HIV, whose HIV virus can be eradicated with just one dose. According to the information, the lab results of this vaccine have been very good. According to a report published in the journal ‘Nature’, the antibodies made from the vaccine developed by scientists to treat HIV AIDS are completely safe and can be used to treat not only HIV but also cancer and many other autoimmune diseases. .Scientists have developed this vaccine using type-B white blood cells present in our body. If this vaccine, developed by modifying the gene, proves to be effective in treatment, then it will be a great achievement of medical science.

This is how the HIV vaccine was prepared (HIV Vaccine Development)

A single dose of vaccine will eliminate the disease of HIV, scientists have discovered a cure
A single dose of vaccine will eliminate the disease of HIV, scientists have discovered a cure

According to scientists and researchers from Tel Aviv University, Israel, they have succeeded in making a vaccine for the treatment of HIV, which can cure the patient with just one dose. A team of scientists led by Tel Aviv University scientist Dr. Adi Barzel has developed a vaccine by modifying the genes of B cells present in the body. According to the report, this vaccine makes antibodies to fight viruses and dangerous bacteria in the body, which work to eliminate the virus-infected cells present in the body. To develop this vaccine, scientists mixed the genes of B cells from parts of the virus, after which some changes were seen in it. It has been said from the scientists that very good results have been obtained in the trial of this vaccine.

How will this vaccine work? (How Does HIV Vaccine Works)

This vaccine will create antibodies against HIV infection in the body and with the help of this antibody will benefit in eliminating HIV infected cells present in the body. Actually B cells are a type of white blood cells present in the body that produce antibodies against infection in the body. These cells are usually found in the bone marrow. In this research, it has been told that if there is a change in the virus, the antibodies made by the vaccine and the ability of B cells will also change. On behalf of the scientists involved in the research, it has been said that the test result of this vaccine in the lab has come very positive and this vaccine has been very capable in inactivating the HIV virus.

Scientists used genome editing technology to develop the vaccine. The CRISPR technology introduces genes and viral carriers into B white cells to initiate gene editing. Carriers belonging to the adeno-associated virus family were used to make this injection for AIDS. This viral vector is also effective against many chronic diseases. According to scientists, one shot of this vaccine is very effective in the treatment of HIV-AIDS. This has given hope that AIDS will not become a fatal condition in the coming years.


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