Dasara movie nani: Nani with Kirti Suresh once again

Nani Kirti Suresh co-starred in I Local Cinema which was a great success. And now this combination is going to be repeated again. The couple is once again starring together in the movie Dussehra.

Dasara movie nani

Natural star Nani and great Kirti Suresh are teaming up again for the movie Dussehra . Originally Nani is currently ready with a series of projects. One after the other he thinks and counts. Only one of the three movies that have come out in the last two years has come into theaters. Wee movie came on OTT during the first lockdown. Then came the movie Tuck Jagdish during the second lockdown. Both of these also left a mixed result.

Dasara movie nani: Nani with Kirti Suresh once again
Dasara movie nani: Nani with Kirti Suresh once again

However, Shyam Singha Roy’s film, which came out late last year, was a great success. Shyam Singha Roy, which was released in late December, ran well till Sankranthi. So once again Nani proved his market stamina ento. But now he is busy shooting for his new film.

Nani with Kirti Suresh once again

This means that even though Sundarani is busy with film shooting, he has started another new film. It is known that there was an announcement regarding the movie Dasara. Intro teaser, in which the dialogues narrated by Nani are gone. Nani is going to speak entirely in the Telangana dialect.

Worship services for the movie started today. Regular shooting for the film is expected to take place in March. Kirti Suresh is playing the heroine in this movie. The film is being produced by Sudhakar Cherukuri under the banner of SLV Cinema and directed by Odela Srikanth.