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In Dhanbad, a former MP’s daughter-in-law created a stir in the area at gunpoint. Jharkhand news Dhanbad former MP’s daughter-in-law threatens people with gun


  • Swamy, once counted among the most powerful politicians. Vinita Singh is the niece of Vinod Bihari Mahto.
  • Vinita Singh threatened to kill someone and then pointed a gun at someone
  • Told the locals with a gun – I know everyone’s position

Jharkhand News: Vinita Singh, daughter-in-law of Giridih former MP late Rajkishore Mahato, caused an hour-long ruckus at gunpoint in Dhanbad’s Vinodnagar area. In a completely unpleasant manner, he threatened the local population. Threatened to kill someone, then threatened someone with a gun. Apart from this, he also advised the protestors to stand their ground. Now the video of this incident is going viral. During the commotion, an argument broke out between the locals and Dilip Pandey, the woman’s assistant, who threatened her with a gun. Some were injured on both sides. At the same time, an FIR has been registered by both the parties at the local police station regarding the incident.

Find out what the whole thing is

The case was once reckoned among the tall politicians of Jharkhand. Kritih Former MP Vinod Bihari Mahto and his son Late. Rajkishore has a dispute over Mahato’s family land. Because of this, there has been a dispute between the family members for the last two or three times. On Monday, the same controversy took a new twist when Vinita Singhe came with a gun and started threatening the locals. When the people objected to this, they shouted to keep their voices down. I know everyone’s worth. The commotion lasted for almost an hour.

Both parties filed written complaints against each other
Vinita Singh allegedly pointed a gun at her neighbors Yogesh Kumar, Pushkal Singh, Rajeev Mandal, Rekha Mahto, Bola Chao and Kiran Mahto and threatened to kill them. Vinita Singh’s aide Dilip Pandey has also been accused of threatening people.

Here Vinita Singh’s aide Dilip Pandey has alleged that the people of the area were attacked. He said that his owner’s land and properties have been confiscated. He went to the area with Vinita Singh and was attacked. Following this, both the people came to the police station and filed written complaints against each other. The police are investigating the matter.

The land dispute is pending in court
Please be advised that there is a property dispute between Vinita Singh, son of late Vinod Bihari Mahto, Vinita Singh, daughter-in-law of late Rajkishore Mahto and Soma Mahto, wife of Phula Mahto, brother of Rajkishore Mahto. There have been frequent fights between the two sides over this dispute. Both sides have registered FIRs in the past at the Sadar police station. Currently, the case against them is pending in the court.


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