PM Modi’s address in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, said- India made a record in exports

Mann Ki Baat Update: PM Narendra Modi said that we can learn a lot from the life of Babasaheb Ambedkar, so definitely visit the places related to Babasaheb, Savitra Bai Phule and Mahatma Phule.

Mann Ki Baat Update

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 87th edition of Mann Ki Baat program today (Sunday). PM Modi talked about exports and other important issues from India. BJP National President JP Nadda listened to Mann Ki Baat program with workers in Delhi.

India created history in exports

PM Modi's address in 'Mann Ki Baat', said- India made a record in exports
PM Modi’s address in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, said- India made a record in exports

PM Modi said that my dear countrymen, we achieved such an achievement last week, which filled us all with pride. India achieved the export target of $ 400 billion i.e. 30 lakh crore rupees last week. This is a matter related to the economy, but it is more related to the potential of India than the economy.

Demand for things made in India increased

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that at one time India’s export figure used to be 100 billion, sometimes 150 billion, sometimes 200 billion, now today, India has reached 400 billion dollars. One of this means that the demand for things made in India is increasing all over the world, secondly it means that the supply chain of India is getting stronger day by day and it has a very big message too.

New products are being sent abroad

He said that new products are going abroad from every corner of the country. Be it leather products from Hailakandi in Assam or handloom products from Osmanabad, fruits and vegetables from Bijapur or Black Rice from Chandauli, exports of all are increasing. Now, you will also find the world famous Apricot of Ladakh in Dubai and in Saudi Arabia, you will find bananas shipped from Tamil Nadu. That is, now if you go to other countries, then Made in India products will be more visible than before.

PM Modi said that you must have seen Baba Shivanand in the recently held Padma award ceremony. Seeing the agility of the 126-year-old, everyone must have been surprised like me and I saw, in the blink of an eye, he started bowing in Nandi Mudra. I bowed down and bowed to Baba Sivananda again and again. Both the age of 126 years and the fitness of Baba Shivanand are the subject of discussion in the country today. I saw many people’s comments on social media that Baba Sivanand is more fit than four times his age. Indeed, the life of Baba Sivanand is going to inspire all of us. I wish him long life. He has a passion for yoga and leads a very healthy lifestyle.

Prime Minister Modi said that I would urge the listeners of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ to visit places related to Mahatma Phule, Savitri Bai Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar. You will get to learn a lot there. Navratri is a few days later. In Navratri, we do fasting, practice of power, worship Shakti, that is, our traditions also teach us gaiety and restraint. Restraint and tenacity is also a festival for us, so Navratri has always been very special for all of us.