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The Agnipat project threatens to expose the military’s strategy, with protests at a defense ministry meeting raising major concerns


  • If Agniveeran does not get a job, it will be a threat to the security of the country
  • Regarding this project, the opposition MPs demand that a standing committee be formed
  • In the meeting, the opposition parties said that the central government should learn a lesson from the Japan incident.

Agniveer Plan: Defense Ministry’s advisory committee meeting was held today regarding Agnipat project. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also attended the meeting. He also presided over this meeting. The meeting was attended by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and opposition MPs. In the meeting, opposition MPs expressed their apprehensions about the plan. In the meeting, the leaders of the three armies also briefed.

In the meeting, opposition members besieged the government over the project.

Opposition MPs alleged that the Agnipath scheme threatens to expose the Army’s tactics as they risk leaving the army if they do not get jobs after 4 years. The opposition MPs demanded that the Agnipat project is an emergency decision and that it should first be sent to the Standing Committee and an expert committee should be set up and the project should be put on hold till then. A Member of Parliament suggested to the government that lessons should be learned from the incident in Japan.

Opposition MPs expressed their fears

Agniveeran coming out after 4 years may be a threat to security if he doesn’t get a job, what is the guarantee that Agniveeran will get job reservation when there is no reservation in already fixed central jobs? 6 MPs from opposition parties who attended the meeting gave a memorandum and expressed their displeasure. Meanwhile, Congress MP Manish Tiwari also expressed apprehensions about some of the problems related to the project. Congress MP Manish Tiwari had earlier supported the Agnipat project, but in this meeting he raised several questions.

Do not use military officers for politics

Several opposition MPs questioned the defense minister about the Agnipat plan. The MPs raised the question, what is the guarantee that ex-servicemen will get jobs in PSUs and other sectors when they are not getting jobs in reserve quota in central government jobs? Let us inform you that opposition MPs are united against the government regarding this project. He also expressed his concern regarding the issue in the meeting. Opposition parties were also angered by the media coverage of military officials. He also said that the government should not use army officers for its politics.

Several petitions were filed in the SC regarding the Agnipat project

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court against the central government’s Agnipat scheme related to the recruitment of personnel in the armed forces. The petition, filed by former civil servant Ravindra Singh Shekhawat, has sought quashing of the Defense Ministry’s notification as illegal, unconstitutional and violative of the rights conferred under the Constitution. “The recently launched scheme has created doubts in the minds of candidates seeking recruitment in armed forces across the country and left many questions unanswered. Some of the concerns are about candidates applying for their recruitment,” the petition said. In the middle or at the final stage of the process.” The petition said, “The sudden change in the examination process has created many unforeseen circumstances for the candidates and their future is in darkness. Candidates who have been preparing for many years, this scheme does not give a chance. Several petitions against this project have been filed in the Supreme Court.


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