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UP News Pitbull of 80-year-old woman Sushila Tripathi in Lucknow. Pets are dangerous too! In Lucknow, an 80-year-old mistress was mauled to death by a pit bull


  • Pitbull ate 80-year-old mistress
  • Susheela Tripathi, a retired teacher, goes for a walk with her pit bull
  • After this incident, there was a tense situation in the area

UP News: A shocking incident has come to light from Lucknow, the capital of UP. Here a pet pitbull attacked and devoured its 80-year-old mistress. The girl is dead. The subject is the Bengali Dhola area of ​​Lucknow. In fact, on Tuesday, retired teacher Sushila Tripathi went for a walk with her pitbull ‘Brownie’ and her Labrador. Meanwhile Pitbull attacks Sushila. Neighbors say the pit bull ate his mistress to death with a broom. Susheela was found lying in a pool of blood when neighbors came out of the house after hearing screams.

After this incident, there is tension in the area. Neighbors said the pitbull was nagging and eating Sushila. During this, people threw stones at the pit bull to drive it away but it kept eating Sushila. After this he dragged Sushila’s body inside and kept eating meat for an hour.

Neighbors live in fear

Neighbors say the dog never left the house, but when it did, it attacked its own mistress. Even after we were evicted, he did not move from his place and continued to eat his mistress. In this situation, the people of the area are living in fear. Now that it has turned from a pet to a man-eater, they fear that it will attack them too.

Neighbors say that when they went to Sushila’s house, the dog was tied up, but after the incident, panic spread throughout the area and people were afraid to even step out of the house.

The public has demanded that the municipal administration should take action in this regard. In this case, the authorities say that the owner of the dog has been given a notice and a license has been requested. Action will be taken against them if they fail to show the license. Apart from this, even if the license is held, it will be revoked.


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