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PUBG maker Grafton teases hyper-realistic virtual man

Image Credit: KRAFTON
PUBG Makers Unveil Ana Hyper-Realistic Virtual Human


  • Virtual Human, the company that created PUBG
  • Grafton publishes ANA’s first film
  • Based on hyperrealism and deep learning

PUBG game developer Grafton has released the first images of ANA, the company’s virtual human. Named ANA, this virtual hum is completely authentic and runs on hyper-reality and deep learning. ANA was the first virtual human introduced by Grafton. Its initial plans were revealed in a technology demonstration last February.

What is special about virtual human?

PUBG said in a statement late Wednesday that ANA really looks different from other artificial humans out there, with human-like features such as a baby’s hair and its skin. ANA is powered by a hyperrealism production technology called the ‘Unreal Engine’. ANA exudes a hyper-realistic look that largely blurs the distinction between the digital and the real person.

It has the most advanced face rigging technology, which subtly reveals the movement of the iris, the smallest facial muscles and wrinkles. At the same time, it also performs joint movements of the whole body, just like the real one.

Can speak and sing like humans

About ANA, the company said, “Deep learning technologies such as advanced voice synthesis enable ANA to create an artificially intelligent voice so that it can speak and sing like a real human.” Josh Seokjin Shin, Head of Grafton’s Creative Center, said, “ANA is a hyper-realistic virtual human created with Grafton’s amazing technology. We expect it to capture the interest and popularity of Gen Z around the world.”

“ANA will release one of its music tracks and expand its activity as an influencer in various fields of entertainment and entertainment,” said Shin. Grafton said she will reveal more information about Anna later this year, including “a unique story arc.”


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